Whether you need a customer testimonial, a product launch video, a high impact animation or a film to inspire your colleagues; the Sales Torque team are ready to help you:

Customer testimonials
Capture praise for your business

Looking for ways to increase your sales team’s win rate? Arm them with presentations containing short video clips of your top customers, each extolling the virtues of your products and services.

Professionally planned, filmed and edited; Sales Torque will deliver testimonials ready for your sales team to use; alongside versions for your website, social campaigns & at events.

Watch Kodak Alaris’s Cleardata
customer testimonial video example:

Engage limitless creativity

Some propositions need animation; to tell a complex story, describe a concept, or just wow the audience in a different way.

We love to start from a blank piece of paper, debate what message you wish to convey; then set to work on concepts, storyboards, scripting, design & coding; creating the perfect animation for your needs.

We have the commercial understanding to develop your outline business ideas from scratch; turning them into engaging, fully formed propositions; ready to take to market.

Watch Civica’s animation example