Video builds greater mind-share with so many different types of audience. Here are a few examples, showing where our communications skills can help you deliver increased engagement:

Partner marketing
Grab attention, & keep it

Partner staff are always busy…bombarded with multiple messages and demands on their time from your competitors. We have experience in devising communication programmes that cut through the noise and put your company on top. Once you are centre stage, it’s your message they will hear and your product they’ll sell!

David Maskens, our MD, has completed dozens of successful UK and worldwide Partner programmes; for the likes of EMC, HP, Oracle & Unisys. He’s learned what works and how to achieve maximum mindshare for the budget; plus, how to keep partners engaged, long after the campaign-proper has finished.

Watch Convergence Group’s dramatic animation:

Internal communication
Create buy-in & enthusiasm

Whether it’s a CxO’s monthly broadcast to UK, EMEA or worldwide staff; a team leader’s project update or ensuring a pivotal piece of information achieves maximum attention, company-wide; video messages deliver greater buy-in and positive action over most forms of written information.

We have created 100’s of staff communication videos, each designed to add to an organisation’s drive to collectively succeed and would enjoy debating where we can help you achieve more, using this medium.

Share best practice, brilliantly

We’ve developed a set of video-based training methods that can deliver your key knowledge in an accessible, high impact format. They make capturing the most valuable content easy and, most importantly, ensure viewers want to engage and learn more.

Call us in to brainstorm ways in which we could enhance learning in your organisation. To tempt you: Using our ‘Guru’ package, you are almost guaranteed to enhance your business performance!

Watch our ‘high impact training’ video:

Bid Support
Increase the odds in your favour

Having worked on dozens of major bid submissions (including success with a £100m & $1,3bn deal), we recognise the power of video to add impact and differentiate your offer.

Our tactical bid support service ensures confidence and competence. We’ll understand the core messages to be conveyed; engage participants to enable effective, fast turn-around filming & edits; then handling the approval cycle.

We’ll deliver compliant, pertinent, compelling content for use in your major bid submissions & presentations. We’ll make it easy for you – regardless of the inevitable time constraints and budget limitations!

Charity development
Enabling good causes

Over the years, we have worked on numerous charity marketing and fundraising activities. Our work for The Amber Foundation has been a particular pleasure, creating videos and delivering high profile events:

Watch Amber Foundation’s fundraising video: