SalesTorque High-Performance Selling

Enjoyable, engaging, effective training, that develops skills to close larger, more profitable deals; designed to augment your current team development programmes

Proven techniques for winning

For high performing sales teams and those who aspire to join them

Designed to complement your existing programmes

Two successful salespeople discuss ways to help each other achieve more; sharing ideas, tips and tricks each has used to unlock success:

  • Is there a way to increase the deal value?
  • Where to look for valuable insights?
  • What to do if negative situations arise?
  • If there’s resistance, how to gain buy in?
  • When all seems lost, how to turn things around?
  • Once the deal is done, what follows?

SalesTorque High-Performance Selling

2 hours and 48 minutes of hard-won sales engagement content, ready to use to your advantage.

One annual license will allow access to both series, with no limit on the number of viewers within your business.

Two series of ten videos, designed to enhance key selling skills:

Series One: ENGAGE

1. Connecting with your customer

2. Developing the pain chain

3. Navigating the org chart

4. Understanding customer benefits in their terms

5. Building your sales ambition

6. Establishing customer interest

7. Earning the right to be heard

8. Avoiding the deferral

9. Winning over procurement

10. Maintaining the post-sale momentum

Series Two: EXCEED

1. Challenge the customer vision

2. Building the customer’s ideal future state

3. Inspiring the customer

4. Why should the customer listen to me?

5. The customer says they have no budget

6. Keep the sales team motivated

7. My main customer/influencer just left their company

8. Acknowledging and executing on the customer’s buying process

9. Reinforcing the value of the deal

10. Finalizing the customer’s commitment to a multi-year plan

Designed to support new recruits and refresh your seasoned professionals’ skills

To drive results, training content needs to be watched and absorbed; but salespeople typically have a short attention span. SalesTorque High-Performance Selling is designed accordingly:

  • 20 videos, each presenting key skills, tips and ideas.
  • Average length just 9-minutes; so easy to plan into busy diaries.
  • Enjoyable & easy to watch, exploring 2 upbeat salespeople’s journey to success.
  • Filled with know-how, learned from closing competitive multimillion-pound deals.

Flexible, bite-sized learning, for greater engagement and skills retention

  • Ready to use on-demand, in your own company training portal, or via our secure platform.
  • Consider drip-feeding each episode to your team, to drive improvement.
  • Use the videos as the core content for your sales meetings or training sessions, to stimulate learning and best-practice debate.

Find out more and see how quickly your sales team can enhance their skills; to deliver faster, larger, more profitable deals.

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