Rules of use: What’s allowed and what’s forbidden

We want your teams to enjoy and learn from all the knowledge in our videos, but there are restrictions on who can watch and sharing access.

Please read and abide by these rules of use, taken from the contract, signed when a company commences its license for access to the SalesTorque High-Performance Selling videos:

a) Your company has purchased an annual subscription, giving controlled access to the SalesTorque Sales Training video series.

b) As a Student you will be given a password protected link to view the videos, by your company’s designated administrator for this subscription. Access to the videos via this password is for your sole use and not to be shared.

c) The Training Series’ can only be watched by full-time employees of your company and it is expressly forbidden to be shared outside your organisation.

d) The videos and ST Portal on which they sit are copyright SalesTorque Limited 2022.

e) For further information, please read the Full Terms & Conditions.