It started with a career in Sales & Marketing for worldwide corporations. Then, for over 13-years, Sales Torque produced over 3,500 business videos of all types; with razor-sharp content; designed to help our customers inform, motivate & sell more.

Today, we are focussed on high performance selling techniques; sharing our experience of finding, developing and winning significant deals. Some multi-million. Some 100’s of million. One with a $1.3bn initial order.

It’s all about the numbers

Engaging content,
every time

SalesTorque has produced business development initiatives of all types; with razor-sharp content, designed to help sales teams inform, motivate and sell more.

Our MD, David Maskens has business communications experience spanning Sales, Marketing Director & Managing Director roles; building a successful tech marketing agency and delivering two company turnaround consultancy assignments.

Product demos, company overviews, launch presentations, master-class training modules, conference openers, customer testimonials, channel and staff communication, tender submissions & how-to guides; Sales Torque built the expertise to produce exactly what its clients needed.

Today, we’ve drawn on that knowledge to create our High-Performance Selling training video series.

Powerful Videos

With over 3,500 videos & animations completed, Sales Torque understands how to plan and produce high impact content that delivers powerful outcomes.

Sharing Knowledge

Our sales team training is delivered as short, enjoyable-to-watch video-based episodes, designed to build core skills and suggest innovative techniques to stimulating higher performance.

Learning, based on our successful sales & marketing experience

Video training works, when your sales people enjoy watching

The SalesTorque team have been working together for many years; bringing valuable, insightful and entertaining training content to some of the world’s top companies and sales teams.

We want everyone to have access to the secrets, tips and tricks that can help each salesperson raise their game.

And we ride on our reputation: our only KPI is your success

Add and refresh sales skills,
to enhance performance

  • Uncover sales opportunities
  • Engage with more decision makers
  • Increase deal sizes
  • Upsell more effectively
  • Close, with greater confidence
  • Achieve higher margins

Supplement your existing training:

Sales Torque training is a collection of original content that shines a spotlight on customer interaction and creative techniques sales teams can use to engage and prosper.

Sales professionals discover surprising realizations and new opportunities for their success.