It started with a career in Sales & Marketing for worldwide corporations. Then, for over 13-years, Sales Torque produced over 3,500 business videos of all types; with razor-sharp content; designed to help our customers inform, motivate & sell more.

Today, we are focussed on high performance selling techniques; sharing our experience of finding, developing and winning significant deals. Some multi-million. Some 100’s of million. One with a $1.3bn initial order.

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Engaging content,
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Sales Torque has produced business videos of all types; with razor-sharp content; designed to help sales teams inform, motivate & sell more.

Our MD, David Maskens has business communications experience spanning Marketing Director & Managing Director roles; plus, building a successful tech marketing agency and delivering three company turnaround consultancy assignments.

Product demos, company overviews, launch presentations, master-class training modules, conference openers, customer testimonials, channel and staff communication, tender submissions & how-to guides; Sales Torque built the expertise to produce exactly what its clients needed.

Today, we’ve drawn on that knowledge to create our ‘Academy of High-Performance Selling’ video series.

Powerful Videos

With over 3,500 videos & animations completed, Sales Torque understands how to plan and produce high impact content that delivers powerful outcomes.


We built the Sales & Marketing skills to ensure target audience buy-in; for programmes including partner engagement, internal communication, staff training, charity development & major bid support.

Business Support

When there’s a need to improve sales, change audience behaviour or better position a product/service; the  experience we can share will support your business success.