Take two careers, encompassing 50+ years of successful sales, business communication and high performance skills training*. Give them the time to consolidate all the sales skills that they have learned works best. Allow them to take that knowledge and lock them in a studio to write, record and edit several series; presenting effective ideas, behaviours and must-do actions that every sales person should know.

*Including participating in closing numerous multi-million pound deals; one of £100m and another at $1.2bn.

Why do our courses succeed?

There are many sales skills training videos to chose from. The Sales Torque Academy takes a slightly different approach; ensuring ‘watchability’ and the desire to learn:

  • Concise, engaging episodes, each with a little humour.
  • Easy to digest messages. Not overly complicated.
  • Surprisingly enjoyable, as the viewer becomes engrossed; asking ‘what happens next…’

Course One:
Core Skills for Sales Professionals

An interested customer is essential for your sales people to develop a high-value deal and close it on-time.

Our ‘Core Skills for Sales Professionals’ course covers selling best practices that help your team drive customer engagement, consistently and effectively.

Course Two:
Building for Better Outcomes

If successful sales people share knowledge, the whole team can learn their techniques and enhance performance.

Our  ‘Building for Better Outcomes’ course explores the often subtle strategies and tactics used by the highest performing sales people.

Watch our Training for High Performance Selling video

Further courses to be added soon
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